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Welcome to my photography site. I appreciate you looking around and providing any comments you might have in my guest book. You will find my galleries below and they can be viewed as a slide show if you so choose. Some galleries have music which can be turned off by placing your curser at the top right and clicking the music ion.

I purchased my first 35mm camera in 1965. From that point I knew photography would be a part of my life. My goal in photography has always been to capture those special moments in time that bring joy, happiness, beauty, and good memories to the eyes of the beholders.

I've had a dual career in the corporate world and as a musician. My skills in photography have grown through experience in the corporate world where I became head of a graphics department which included photography. After some 38 years in that world, I have retired now to concentrate on my two passions, photography and music. Certainly my photographs are for sale, but if they bring you a moment of joy, that's my main goal.

Feel free to contact me at tigersax@mac.com

Again, thanks for stopping by.


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Alan Williams Project

Visitors 34
25 photos
Created 13-Jul-17
Modified 13-Jul-17
Alan Williams Project

Bike Race Rouge Roubaix XII

Visitors 161
109 photos
Created 9-Mar-10
Modified 9-Mar-10
Bike Race Rouge Roubaix XII


Visitors 94
24 photos
Created 28-Jun-11
Modified 28-Jun-11

Grand River Louisiana

Visitors 296
25 photos
Created 18-Jan-12
Modified 18-Jan-12
Grand River Louisiana

Hanna G.

Visitors 117
59 photos
Created 9-Mar-16
Modified 9-Mar-16
Hanna G.

LSU Rural Life Museum

Visitors 37
31 photos
Created 5-May-14
Modified 5-May-14
LSU Rural Life Museum

Musicians & Music

Visitors 883
98 photos
Created 8-Jun-14
Modified 8-Jun-14
Musicians & Music

Nouvelle Candles

Visitors 149
15 photos
Created 10-Jun-17
Modified 10-Jun-17
Nouvelle Candles

Pete's Favorites

Visitors 384
76 photos
Created 26-Jun-15
Modified 26-Jun-15
Pete's Favorites


Visitors 441
98 photos
Created 3-Mar-16
Modified 3-Mar-16


Visitors 275
68 photos
Created 20-Apr-10
Modified 20-Apr-10

Prevost Wedding

Visitors 22
221 photos
Created 19-Jan-18
Modified 19-Jan-18
Prevost Wedding

St. Francisville, La.

Visitors 1054
119 photos
Created 6-Jun-15
Modified 6-Jun-15
St. Francisville, La.

WFMS Cheerleaders

Visitors 540
44 photos
Created 21-Jan-12
Modified 21-Jan-12
WFMS Cheerleaders

Family Portraits

Galleries 4
Modified 27-Dec-14
247 photos

Family Reunions

Galleries 1
Modified 24-Mar-10
32 photos

School Events

Galleries 2
Modified 10-Mar-10
99 photos


Galleries 4
Modified 31-Mar-16
325 photos

1715 photos
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Guestbook for Peter Verbois Photography
Pete, Just viewed your site. Excellent job on the site! here! Here!

Love your work. I had no idea you and Mike had the same passion for photography.
Since you are retired, you and Mike ought to do some work together. Do a coffee table book
"The Verbois Brothers" A Work of Passion!
tubby zeigler(non-registered)
i love your site mike just got me a new camera i love it 15.5 meg. carla and i will see you in july tub
Ryan Perkins(non-registered)
Hey Mr. Pete Its been a while...My mom Gave me your card a while back. sorry it too so long to check out your website but i just started school and its been crazy lately. I heard u got married. dats waz up. hows the pictures and the music going. ive been making a few sells lately so i feel good about my music im trying to make a website of my own so ppl can view videos and listen to my music
Jon Barry(non-registered)
Hey Pete..nice seeing you Friday, Aug 7 at the Balloon show. Your photos are great. You did a good job on this for only having it since May.
Lorraine DeArmond(non-registered)
Pete, I can't tell you how happy I am with the photos you took of me at the shoot last week! They are the best I've had taken, and I am definitely going to use SEVERAL in my portfolio! I look forward to seeing one or two on your site!:) The photos in your 'favorites' gallery are so cool!! I'm thinking of ordering a couple of those as well. Thanks again!
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